Clarkston families: working parents -or- anyone who wants to do school together -or- just in case the school dismissal gets prolonged

            WHAT IS IT?

I did not create this site just for the recent school dismissal… I made it 2 years ago.  We held co-op for a year then a charter school opened up which met my family’s needs so it has sat untouched since that point.  I’ve just modified it so that’s why it looks fancy-pants!  Basically this is just a format for any local families who need or would like to do school together for 3-4 hrs per day, 3-4 days per week to knock out their online school assignments given by the district, get out of the house & enrich the experience by taking advantage of the awesome talents & interests in our community!  It’s organized by families for families.


“…the world is our classroom”

Our Curriculum