Parental Involvement & Cost

     Each family who participates is expected to contribute either time or funds as it is the only way to make this work.  Including field days, there are a max of 16 hrs. of school time per week.  Any parent who contributes 10+ hrs. per week teaching & volunteering in any of the classes is not expected to contribute any money to the co-op.

   Any parent who contributes 4-9 hours per week is expected to contribute $10/child/week for 1-2 kids, 3+ kids is $8/child/week

   Any parent who does not or can not participate in teaching & volunteering is expected to pay full tuition of $20/child/week for 1-2 kids, $16/child/week for 3+ kids.

    Funds help cover any supplies that need to be purchased, including snacks & crafting supplies, curriculum, sanitizer & cleaning supplies, gas for driving students, etc.