Rethink is designed to accommodate K-12 students in Clarkston, Utah and is open to any families who would like to join us.

     We’re excited to get to know you and your family and the unique contribution you will bring to this co-op!


    Rethink is taught by parents.  

     What if you’re unavailable to teach?  We would still love for your students to join us, teaching is not required of all parents.  Those who are unable or just don’t want to teach or want to contribute only part-time for whatever reason simply pay full or half tuition.

Please contact us for more information if you’d like to be a part of this initiative!


Rethink is an academic homeschool co-op which meets in small groups locally.  Though most co-ops meet only once or twice per week and leave the majority of the academics to be done at home, we enjoy a group-learning setting where we can help one another cover core subjects together in a structured way.

     Classes follow the Cache County School District’s calendar and online curriculum.  See our curriculum page for details on subjects and possible electives.

     Our purpose is to provide families with an option to get together for formal academics in a small group setting from 9-12:00 Monday-Wednesday with the option to do lunch & PE together after at the town square and park, with field days on Thursdays.

     We believe in intentionally creating a social environment where students feel safe and learn to look out for one another. 

     We believe in giving  students more opportunity to take active roles in leadership, accounting for one another and planning/decision making. 

     We also believe in being physically active, spending a lot of time outdoors and taking a hands-on approach learning.  See our ‘strategies’ page for more detail about why we’ve chosen the strategies we have.


This is intended to meet the needs of families with working parents, kids who want to come together to learn and is an option to follow-through with the school district’s online curriculum on a more long-term basis should the school dismissal be prolonged.

When & Where?

     Co-op is held Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays  from 9:00-1:00 (including optional lunch & play at park starting at noon) and Thursday afternoons or mornings for field days…whatever works best for everyone.

    Location is in our homes. I can host at my home: 10485 N. 8100 W. Someone else will need to host as well if there are more than just a few kids total.


Each family who participates is expected to contribute either time or funds as it is the only way to make this work. Including field days, there are a max of 16 hrs. of school time per week. Any parent who contributes 10+ hrs. per week teaching & volunteering in any of the classes is not expected to contribute any money to the co-op.

Any parent who contributes 4-9 hours per week is expected to contribute $10/child/week for 1-2 kids, 3+ kids is $8/child/week

Any parent who does not or can not participate in teaching & volunteering is expected to pay full tuition of $20/child/week for 1-2 kids, $16/child/week for 3+ kids.

Funds help cover any supplies that need to be purchased, including snacks & crafting supplies, curriculum, sanitizer & cleaning supplies, gas for driving students, etc.

Contact us for details on admission!